Custom Live-Video Camera Projects

Stop feral hog damages to your property.

Stop losing countless hours driving to monitor your wildlife habitats.

Respond faster when one of your exotic animals needs attention.

Save Time

Save Money

Monitor more with less effort

HogEye’s Live-Video Camera Gives You Better Visibility

Live-Video Helps Protect Your Property

Feral hogs cause $2.5 billion in property damages each year in the U.S. If you’re tired of seeing your property damaged, HogEye can help.

The HogEye live-video system can be added to any hog trap. Remotely trap 24/7 from anywhere to catch more feral hogs and stop damages.

Live-Video Helps Protect Your Wildlife Habitat

You can’t always be on-site to make sure your wildlife habitat is thriving. With HogEye’s live-video, you have real-time information to monitor animal behavior and health.

Save time and money by using the remote monitoring capability afforded by HogEye.

Live-Video Helps Protect Your Exotic Animals

You can respond faster when one of your exotic animals needs attention.

With 40+ species actively trapped, HogEye helps monitor animal health conditions and populations in real-time.

Better visibility leads to improved animal welfare.

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HogEye’s live-video helps you monitor more with less effort so you can protect your property, wildlife habitats, and exotic animals from threats.